Since a young age, I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy eating. I only viewed it as a hobby because I was set on becoming an engineer. I spent six year in college to get my masters in aerospace engineering, and found a great full time job in the aerospace industry. Yet, I can't shake my passion for nutrition. Everyday I see read stories about people falling to preventable diseases, others experiencing a great loss in their quality of life, and nobody helping them to understand why. Ever since I began to study plant based nutrtiion, I've wanted to share it with everyone I meet. We constantly see a rise in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases even though many of them are largely preventable. I started The Gaia Project with the hope that I can help spread this information, and helped many increase their quality of life.


     I have had the unique chance to be the first person Liz helped. When she began her plant based journey, we were both in college. I was very overweight. Fast food was my primary source of nutrition, due to how easy it was to get. I never had to cook and rarely had to clean. We didn't have a very active lifestyle, and had trouble committing to any form of workout schedule. The number on my scale continued to increase, my anxiety continued to get worse, and most days I felt so tired and used up it was a struggle just to get to class. When I reached my peak of bad lifestyle, Liz found the plant based diet. She read many studies on heart disease, diabetes, cancer, you name it. Neadlesss to say, two years down the road and I've never had more energy or a brighter outlook on life, and encouraged me to get my plant based certification to accompany my business degree.